Why this blog contains things other than music

Rest assured this is a blog about music, and singing, and songwriting and performing. But it contains things about life too because thats what drives creativity. You have to connect to yourself if you are going to connect to others. Life has been hard lately, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of direction. But these things fuel every part of music. Im creative in other ways, as Im sure you are too. But I focus on music because thats what I do. Do not attempt to make life toooooo smoooooth. Because what will you have to write about? Im not saying you need to create false drama, you just need to live in every emotion you have. And then use it. If you are sad, then be there in it. If you are overjoyed, then be in it. Others may say that you are too sensitive, or that you wear your heart on your sleeve. They may ask you, “why are you crying because of a sunset?” or “why are you so quick to laugh, how was that even funny?” or “you are too emotional!” or tease you in some other way. Just own it. Ask them “Why are you not crying?” “why are you not laughing? ” and then smugly grin at yourself.