tracking in the studio

so here i am in the studio listening to an amazing sax player lay tracks on some songs and im blown away by his talent but also thinking about how others might not know what this is like. its interesting because there are probably these ideas or notions of glamor in the studio. Yes its fun. But tracking vocals is so hard for me. And sitting in on a tracking session has its boring moments. Its alot of , “can you rewind that?” “Can I do that like umpteen more times?” “hey can we take a break?” “Oh dang the software froze hold on.” “how does that part go again.” “maybe we need to change that chord?” “this isnt working, lets try again tomorrow.” etc etc etc.

It IS work. its hard work. Typically, i don’t like sitting in on tracking sessions. its just that, sitting, and sitting and waiting. Usually I like just coming in on the day that I have to sing. But this is our album so I wanted to be here. But if you know you are going into a tracking session as a vocalist you need to be ready
1. know your part
2. Make sure you tell the engineer what kind of vocal day you are having, good or bad. post pone if you cant sing that day.
3. Its not party time. Yes you can have fun, but you have to treat it like work.
4. if you need something in order to make the vocal better, say so!
(i have to have low lights, and I have trouble with others in the room staring at me other than my husband or my producer) Its not being a diva, its whatever you need to get a good vocal
5. be upbeat and patient.

6. be flexible and try to bring only good energy! Remember why you are doing this! because you love it.